The Cutting Edge : Tree Services & Landscaping in Southern Arizona
The Cutting Edge : Tree Services & Landscaping in Southern Arizona


24 hour storm damage

We offer this service because we understand that trees can fall at any time of day. When this happens we are here to help out the customer when you need it most. In most cases of emergency storm damage, our crew can be there in about an hour.

Stump Grinding

We have 3 stump grinders to cover all different kinds of stumps. We can stump grind in planter boxes and hard to reach areas. No job is too big or too small. We can stump grind to 3 feet below ground or shallow grinding. If there happens to be minor irrigation repairs to be done, we will just fix it on site. If it's a major repair we can estimate the cost at that time. We are not held liable for any damage done to the property which includes watering systems, irrigation systems, windows, etc. due to stump grinding. By grinding out a stump versus digging it out you can usually replant in that same area within a years time.


We do all types of corrective pruning. These items include the heading back process, elevating, lightening up limbs (thinning), weight distribution, shaping, and clearing building structures, what ever the tree may need. We do what is right for the tree and what the owner likes or would like to have done. We understand that every customer is different and likes their trees looking differently. We try to make an agreement with the customer to do what they want and what is in the best interest of the tree.

WE DO PALM TREES this includes trimming, shaving (skinning), and removing them. We do not buy palm trees!


Cabling is decided by the visual look, size, and root structure of the tree whether it can be cabled or not. We use deadman cables to recable up the tree to get it to stand up straight. Trees must be trimmed and thinned before being cabled. Different types of cabling may need to be done. Not all trees can be cabled and saved.


There is no job too big or too small. We always dig a hole double the size of the plant root along with the correct anemimes for trees, plants, and shrubs. We also put a 1 year feed tablet in with all our plants to give a more successful planting ratio. Stakes are only used if necessary or if a customer requests them. If a tree is planted correctly and with a corrective prune a tree should never need stakes. Trees are recommended not to be planted with in 10 feet of any structure or sidewalk due to the damage it may cause later.


We have taken down some of the most extreme storm damaged trees in Tucson. We were on the news in late summer of 2007 due to our great performance with speed and safety. No job is too big or too small for us. If needed we lower limbs down with ropes and take care not to cause any more damage.

Lot Clearing

With our lot clearing we remove all stumps and brush to keep them from growing back. We have done lot clearing jobs for the Army National Guard and Raytheon in the past. We also do full landscaping clean up.

Irrigation Repair

We do corrective irrigation repairs to fix irrigation that was not done right or just needs to be repaired. We can fix any type of irrigation systems. We can also replace or readjust any irrigation timer clocks.


We do full landscape design and installation. We can pretty much do anything the customer wants. We install plants, trees, shrubs, grass, sod, irrigation, and gravel.


We always pre-grade and leave 1 to 2 inches below sidewalk and home level due to the size of gravel. This helps keep gravel off of sidewalks and walk ways. We have many varieties of gravel to choose from whether you need 1 ton to fill in bare spots or 50 tons to landscape your whole back yard. We do not use derosion cloth unless requested by customer.

The Cutting Edge : Tree Services & Landscaping in Southern Arizona
The Cutting Edge : Tree Services & Landscaping in Southern Arizona